Web Analytics

Web analytics may be the least appreciated and under utilized tool in the web industry.  But it is absolutely essential to helping you make the most of your online marketing.  Running an online marketing program without being tuned in to your web analytics is like driving a car with your eyes closed.  I advise against it.

Luckily for you, I am very adept at web analytics.  I was a product manager for ClickTracks Analytics before they were acquired by Lyris. (See my resume).  And of course I’ve tracked countless websites in Google Analytics over the years.  I’m also familiar with most of the various other web analytics applications, but I find Google to be perfectly adequate for most websites.

And I’m not just familiar with it.  I know how to integrate Google Analytics with Google Adwords to gather the most possible data.  And I can design your website to feed Google Analytics data that it wouldn’t normally collect.

Furthermore, I know how to decipher the data to pull the real insights that can help you understand your market and adjust accordingly.  Web analytics is not just about telling you whether your traffic is going up or down.  There is so much more power within those reports—just ready for you to tap.

Let me help you with that.