Content Development

As an award-winning author, I’m confident I can produce the clear and compelling content you need.

Content has always been King on the Web. And I suspect it always will be. True, video is an increasingly key form of content, but the written word is still the bread and butter of communication. People can tell a lot about your business by the content they find.

  • Does it sound professional?
  • Does it grab their attention?
  • Does it focus on your core message?
  • Does it maintain a consistent voice?
  • Does it compel them to share it or link to it?

And by the way, can people find it in the first place. That is, does your content look contain all the key phrases that your audience is searching on, doled out in the proper proportions so the search engines see it as worth of high rankings?

I can help you develop content that accomplishes all these goals and more.