Virtual Marketing Team

Does your business have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?  Mine does.  Here it is:

With, Inc. you have all the web skills you need in one person. That means you’ll see optimal efficiency in terms of coordinating and integrating all aspects of your online presence.

Now, you are completely justified in asking whether I can really deliver all these services 100% by myself. Well, the honest answer is, “maybe”. After 18 years in the business, I have a pretty wide skill set, including all the items listed below. But the technologies keep advancing and from time to time I do need to bring in outside help to solve specific problems. For that, I’ve got my own team of contractors who I can outsource tasks in any area from graphic design to video editing to application development, etc.

But from your perspective, it will be like having one more person on your team who just gets things done. I’ll dive into your business, understand your marketing strategies, help you develop a complete, integrated marketing plan, and deliver on the implementation—in record time.

I’m so confident that I can boost your bottom line, I would love to talk to you about Pay-for-Performance pricing.

Check out my offerings below, and let’s talk business!


Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing

Pay per click advertising costs serious money. I’ll help you squeeze the maximum ROI from your PPC budget.

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Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization

Paid traffic is great. Free traffic is even better. With years of experience in the field, I can help with that.

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Social Network MarketingSocial Network Marketing

I can help you extend your reach into the social network–starting with Facebook but extending well beyond that.

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Web DevelopmentWeb Development

Whether you need UX design, a web app, system integration, or just a website built, I can help.

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Content DevelopmentContent Development

Content is still King. And I can provide content that your visitors and the search engines will all appreciate.

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Web HostingVideo

Video is the most engaging form of content on the web–when done right. I can help with that.

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Web AnalyticsWeb Analytics

If you need insights about the performance of all your online marketing, I’ve got the skills to help.

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Web HostingWeb Hosting

I maintain a dedicated web server and can provide full webmaster services.

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