I am first and foremost the father of two beautiful young daughters. Supporting them and helping to guide them is my greatest pleasure and privilege in life.

By trade, I am an online marketing professional, currently employed as a Digital Marketing Manager for a very cool Silicon Valley company. It’s hard core technology and I get to work with really brilliant people.  It’s a great gig.

But there is much more to me than being a father and employee.  I spent a couple decades as an entrepreneur launching several companies with varying degrees of success.  I still have a backlog of dozens of great business ideas, and I like to believe that one of these days I’ll find investors for some of those.

I spent about ten years doing web development and built some serious web applications in that time.  My interest in doing web develop has waned over the years, and now I generally outsource that type of work.  But I do like to get my hands dirty on my own pet projects here and there.

I’m also a prolific writer, with one Quilly Award to my credit for a chapter in a book titled “The Success Secret” co-authored with Jack Canfield.  I’ve also written a couple of screenplays. But the bulk of my writing these days is ad copy, website content, articles, etc.

I am very grateful to know that I will never run out of things to learn and do.