Life Coach Marketing Survey – Results


This report presents the results and analysis for the first survey of the marketing practices of life coaches conducted by, Inc.   The purpose for this survey was to determine how life coaches are currently promoting their practices and what kinds of results they are getting.

For the sake of full disclosure, it should be noted that there were only 15 qualified respondents to this survey, which is not a large enough sample size to be confident that it is a representative sampling of the entire life coach marketing industry.  However, the results do appear valid, and provide solid material for the analysis.

Overall, the survey reveals a pretty clear picture of the industry.   It appears that the majority of life coaches are making a very modest income from their life coaching business, probably often as a side activity.  They are spending very little money on marketing and conducting most of their marketing activities on their own, most commonly through social media and email marketing.

Life Coach Marketing Survey Results